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 Learn the difference between  Dead Water vs. Healthy Water!!!

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Improves your health / Purifies water from toxins such as chlorine and fluoride / Eliminates toxins in your body / Alkalizes your water to 7.0-7.5 pH/ Kills anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria) / Strengthens aerobic bacteria (good bacteria) /  Is softer water  / Hydrates your plants and gardens with less water / Is perfectly balanced / Refreshes showers and baths / Helps prevent bath tub scum / Improves skin & hair / Prevents dry itchy skin / Holds anti-aging properties /Improves joint & muscle pain / Increases absorption of medications, vitamins & minerals / Grows greener lawns with less fertilizer / Requires less Chlorine in swimming pools / Reduces odors around & in bathrooms & toilets / Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits (spotless dishes) / Prevents & removes corrosion & increases the life span of pipes, water heaters dishwashers, swamp-coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc. / Improves ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures / Provides cleaner healthier fish tanks, less algae growth in ponds & lakes / Improves the health of livestock & pets /Improves crops & garden growth (bio-mass 27% to 40%) (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

Much More Than Just Water! Research has demonstrated that Structured Water:

· Helps Increase or Improve Hydration on an intra- and extra– cellular level in 22 minutes
· Helps detoxify the cells through superior hydration
· Helps balance pH by establishing more alkalinity
· Helps double the immune system response in only 7 days
· Helps reduce blood pressure
· Helps Increase Oxygen content in the blood (helps alleviate altitude sickness)
· Helps increase thought processing, mental awareness and creativity
· Helps reduce swollen joints that are associated with arthritis
· Helps establish better health and overall vitality

Learn the difference between  Dead Water vs. Healthy Water!!!



      "Kathleen, I wanted to tell you I received my water machine and finally got it installed....I am is unreal. far it has been beyond my expectations.... I highly recommend it. ....Clay has given us a gift  in my opinion........I mean you can clean windows, glass, etc....without any cleaners....just wet a paper towel and wipe and dry with another...spotless.  Everything you clean is so easy........As for personal issues, hair and skin softer etc. toothpaste, soap, etc seems to foam up more and you use less of it and teeth feel cleaner...and I am not near as tired as I used to be....not sure why yet except it  is probably  removing toxins.  Just thought I would share...." Sharon  See more TESTIMONIALS


*"These machines are technically not "filters". The fluid machine is a multiple vortex, which makes the water spin

in both directions simultaneously at multiple times. That aspect of vortexing has a great attribute to fixing water, fixing pollution.  Water works upon itself, just like a river. The water is working on itself, cleaning itself. It has geometric forms in it, flow form devices, basically, that cause the water to, in an extremely short period of time, structure itself.

Structured water is water in nature, just like the water  running down a river. If you take a gallon or ten gallons of water and dump in a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. Structured water is free of memory. It has balanced pH.

The main contingent of structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, and individual mandate to protect life.... that is to protect it from the things that are adverse to life and to generously provide the things that are good for life.

And the way it does that? The things that are adverse to life are pulled to the inside of the water molecule and shielded from life itself.

Everything takes less water when it is structured, about 30 percent less water. In everybody's home are devices that you have to constantly tender, you have to constantly feed. I'm building and putting out a device that is one time. You buy it one time, you put it on wherever you want to put it, it will never wear out, it has no moving parts. The water itself is the moving part; it is the machine. It is what brings the water to that place of being free to do what it is meant to do, make life absolutely perfect.

Because what are you? You are probably 80 percent water. As we age that percentage of water drops. But if you are drinking structured water, it will all be the same.

The fluid machine goes on the first entry into the home and it is an in-line device. It is bi-directional; it doesn't matter how you put it on. Normal installation takes maybe about half an hour. It is just a matter of the measuring the pipe and cutting the pipe and slipping this in between, and from that point on all the water that passes through it will be structured. It will go into all the pipes in your house through your water heater and into every place that you use water.

So the first thing that will happen is your water heater will start dropping all the sediment that is built up, all the aggregates, all the calcium build up within it will drop to the bottom, so you have to flush it occasionally in order to eliminate all that stuff. And the other direction it will go is it will go to everything you consume, everything you bathe; it will go down the drain, it will go back into the sewers, and if it is in a city, it will go back into the processing system and may enhance their system.

When you have a structuring water device on your home, it provides everything that you do with structured water; your ice machine, your gardens, your plants, your animals, your swamp cooler. Everything is provided with structured water. It assimilates the things that are bad for life. Chlorine is bad for life, fluoride is bad for life, the intoxins are bad for life. What you will consume is you will consume the water from this small fluid machine, you will consume the water with the toxins inside of it. And if there is still room in the water molecule, it will start pulling those thing that are in your body into it as it is passing through you. It will detoxify your body.

The water molecule can't be broken down. All you get from a water is what is on the outside, what is useable to you. Structured water only pulls things from the body that are bad for life. It gives freely and fully all the things that are good for life. Distilled water, RO water is hungry water. It has no discerning power, nothing to discern what is good and what is bad. It takes it all.

The neat thing about structured water is it is balanced. It is absolutely balanced. And it is the balance of nature that brings us to that place of doing what we are meant to do, of being what we are meant to be, of being in joy. When we all come together we think we all are in joy, basically, and we are doing what we are meant to do. Then it will be just like this river, it will be in the flow, we'll be in the flow. You will sing my song: I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. This is how I choose to start my day. I'm alive, awake, alert, alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic today!"

Clayton Nolte, inventor of Ultimate Structured Water Devices

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Scientific Structured Water Evidence 2012

"The Process of Structuring Water" by Clayton Nolte


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